Free Marketing Healthcheck for Portsmouth Businesses


Let Express FM carry out a free, no obligation healthcheck on your current marketing spend.  

Over the past eight years, we have found that many Portsmouth businesses are spending their hard-earned money badly.  Often driven by the comfort of advertising in the same place or an experienced sales person who impresses business, market budget is often under-understood by advertising clients as such needs an independent view.

David Harber and Darren Gamblen at Express FM have a combined total of 25 years in marketing across all media, including online, social media, newspapers and broadcast media and will be happy to work with your business to find where your business is either wasting more, or where/how it could be spent to get your business MORE CUSTOMERS. 

There's an old adage that says:

We can help you with identifying the leaks in your advertising spend, sealing up the holes and making your business more efficient.

Here are some notable issues facing Portsmouth businesses advertising spend:

  • Budget spent in the same place, with the same message will be hemorrhaging money out of your business
  • Being 'generic' with your advertising message means 90% of your spend is wasted
  • Your customers are bombared by 5,000 advertising messages each day
  • Not taking advantage of low-cost online opportunties means you are losing customers to your competitors
  • Being committed to advertising in one place, like newspaper advertising, means you will rarely attract new customers

By talking to Express FM we can make your press advertising much more effective.  We can work with you to create and manage an efficient social media campaign - and if you haven't yet got an "app" for your business, we can help you with that, too.

To take advantage of the FREE Express FM Marketing Healthcheck, contact David Harber or Darren Gamblen today on 023 92 751530.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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