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11: Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker & Chris Messina interviewed, 'Renfield' reviewed, Tip Top 5 Vampire Movies & more!

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Pod

Wednesday, 26 April 2023 - 2 hours 6 minutes

Better late than never, Jon Brown & Paul Marsh are back with an episode that's probably older than Dracula himself now, but hey, we've been busy and it's the thought that counts right?

So much going on again for this latest Film focused Pod, so we're putting the nails in the Coffin with all the Vampire puns for a show that like the Dark Lord himself, may be old, but still has bite - I'll stake my house on it. Ok, I'll stop now. 

Do you know who are immortal legends? Immortalised on the screen at least anyways - Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker and Chris Messina who joined very special guest interviewer Hayley Donaghy to continue where we left off on those series of great 'Air' interviews.

Plus, the lads give their thoughts on 'Renfield', 'Ride On' and Beetlejuice's 35th Anniversary at the Cinema (yikes), walk you through what's hot and what's not on Streaming channels including 'Chupa', 'Operation Fortune' and 'On A Wing & A Prayer' and take their pick of the latest 4K, Blu-Ray's and DVD's.

There's also (now, to be honest, old) News & Trailers, YOUR Tip Top 5, God damn, stake sucking Vampire Movies and some of the worst Vampire puns ever written, alongside our (sacrificial) G.O.A.T Of The Week.

Play catch up with our catch up, but just don't catch the Vampire flu. Keeps you up all night and makes you not like Garlic. Or Sunshine. Or good skin.

Written, Presented, Recorded & Produced By: Paul Marsh & Jon Brown
Guest Interviewer: Hayley Donaghy 
Edited By: Jon Brown
Recorded At: Express FM Studios, Portsmouth, UK
Logo Art: Mason Jordan
Cover Art Design: Jon Brown 
Executive Producers: Paul Marsh & Jon Brown
Distributed By: Michael Marsh Productions

Extra Special Thanks: Steph & Hayley at Cameo Productions and the Oddyo Team for being the best in the business, Vue Cinemas for always finding us a seat in the middle row to see that thing we haven't seen yet (right at the last minute as well) and Express FM for seeing to it there's always a studio to make this happen, with our greatest thanks to Miles, Mason, Darren & Ian.

If it took an eternity to read this far and you're still alive? You're probably a Vampire.

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