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Chi Time : Clara Apollo

CHI TIME - your Conscious Living Show! with Clara Apollo

New time for a New term..

Sunday afternoons from 4-5pm


       Hello and welcome back for some more Chi Time, I love to interview for you some of the best world thought leaders

         on the surfing edge of what's new in the world of true self care with a genuine concern for humanity.

         I talk with authors, speakers, musicians, performers and poets, all whom also choose favourite tracks to share with you.

        In fact Chi Time is all about sharing, time, presence and a cuppa something you enjoy for an hour of deep & easy interest

         Uploaded in Portsmouth UK & heard on 93.7FM also aired through the global reach of ExpressFM on this website.


This Autumn of 2016 I have lined up for you:


Nov 6 - Keith Sharp - 'The Tai Chi Qigong Alliance'

Nov 13 - Lucinda Drayton - Music and meditation 'The True Spirit of Christmas'

Nov 20 - Mac Macartney - Finding your way back to a true sense of Home. Are we strangers in our own land?

Nov 27 - Wendy Fry - Author and EFT coach - Mothers and Daughters


Recent guests include

Julia McCutchen - Conscious Writing 


Dave Rock - 'Speaking Rocks' - confidence & being true you when public speaking.


T!m Freke - Stand-up philosopher, author & coach.


Rebecca Campbell - 'Rise Sister Rise' Hay House author.


​Miguel Dean - Author 'Stepping Stones in the Mist'


Barefoot Doctor - Taoist Master 'The Power of Kindness as a form of self defence


Wilja Witcombe - local author - 'Disclosures of a Cross-Dimensional Bridge Builder


Ross Bartlett - local Psychic & Medium, MSc Transpersonal psychology


Jamie Catto - Ex-Faithless, One Giant Leap filmmaker,  master of playful awakening


Dr. Joe Dispenza - Neuroscientist


Tiger Singleton - Modern day Mystic


Tracey Ash - Awareness trainer and consciousness catalyst, Egyptian tour guide


Pam Gregory - local Astrologer & Philosopher


Playbacks can be reached via www.claraapollo.com


Clara Apollo is the UK's leading Chi Consultant and Mindful Movement Mentor, who empowers her clients and audiences to tune in with a deeper sense of self, to feel fantastic with an incredible sense of wellbeing.



​Aprils CHI TIME was all about creating a positivity mind frame despite whatever life throws at you...


Staying positive when feeling challenged using practical optimism with local lady and positive psychologist Lesley Lyle.


Laughter skills facilitator/teacher Joe Hoare calls in from Bristol about how you can apply laughter in any walk of life, to lighten the vibe and connect everyone in, to themselves and each other.


Barefoot Doctor is back in chatting about Qigongo, his online Chi Gung training, one of my favourite subjects too..


Clara is an experienced Chi Kung/Qigong and Meditation practitioner and teacher, based in the New Forest. For more information on all her training courses and retreats
Go her website below - also to access  past CHI TIME shows - via


Topics and recent guests include:





WENDY FRY - EFT and author of 'Find You Find Love'


SOULOUR GALLERY - sound and colour healing


LINDA ANOUSTA - chemical free beauty products


KARL DAWSON on EFT and Matrix Reimprinting


SUE STONE - personal Mentor and business coach




BAREFOOT DOCTOR on the Taoist persective on the 'Silly Season' with tracks from his latest EP.


Holistic event organiser ELAINE FENTON chats about her event at the Lighthouse Centre in Poole in early February.


Sound healing with TIM WHEATER


House whispering with CHRISTIAN KYRIACOU


The Heart of Reiki with RICHARD ELLIS


Past Lives and Soul Families with DAVID WELLS


Metatronic mentor, teacher and healer AMANDA ELLIS


Local Pranic healer and house whisperer SANDY HUMBY talks to us about her intoxicating Rose Alchemy set of oracle cards, workshops, mats and cushions. 


MindCalm distiller SANDY NEWBIGGING talks to Clara after his Level 1 Mindcalm training course about how it is all developing with encouraging us to find a mind-moving meditation process to help steady our busy heads.


Love coach and relationship flourisher CATE MACKENZIE gets serious about conditional and unconditional love. 


'Balancing wellness'

With deeply wise and proudly humorous stand-up philosopher TIM FREKE...



There is a CHI TIME TV channel on YouTube where Clara gets to interview some of the guests from CHI TIME RADIO in front of a camera. So far it's been the philosopher ; Intuitive and Shaman in Stilettos star T, Mind Calm man and the 'Conversations with God' author NEALE DONALD WALSCH also BAREFOOT DOCTOR, TIM FREKE, BECKY WALSCH, ANNA HUNT, SANDY NEWBIGGING & CHRISTIAN KYRIACOU...
Many CHI TIME guests appear live at evening events or day workshops in Bournemouth for 
In South London & Wales for 

The ANGEL themed tunes that lined up after the Diana Cooper interview can now be heard here...





Here's some older shows from when Chi Time was a monthly show soley on ExpressFM.

Now Chi Time is aired on the Soul Traveller Radio network and this is the show that has been brought back to Express.



23rd APRIL The Dr. Emoto Show!

Only a most esteemed natural scientist DR. MASARU EMOTO is on your Chi Time!

So we are talking all things special about water, along with hydration and cellular memory, Dr. Emoto's work has revealed a

way to show that positive words and feelings can have an effect on the molecular structure of water. By freezing treated water he watches crystals grow through a microscope and photographs them for us to see.


Easter Saturday, the Carrington House Hotel Bournemouth, 400+ people converge to hear and see the eminent spiritual scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. Organised by Jackie Deakin, whom I asked if there would be a possibility of doing a little Chi Time interview with the esteemed Dr... Well, here is the result!
Along with commentaries from Amanda Ellis who also got to interview him for her book and Jackie about how on earth she managed to organise such a high profile event in such a short space of time, 8 days!


Here's what she had to say about the show:
"Just listening to the end with John Lennon... where did that last hour go... fascinating show, I loved it... probably a lot to do with the fact that I was mentioned quite a lot but still incredibly interesting as I learnt about some bits that I missed on the night.. thank you for your input in making this event such an incredible experience. A tribal celebration indeed."


We catch up with Richard Ellis too, as he reflects on how it was for him and I offer interjections, questions, observations all the way through with a buoyant meditation to see you all floating off into a gentle repose - it is a late night show!


Here's his website - masaru-emoto.net

Jackie Deakin - jackiedeakin.co.uk

Amanda Ellis - amandaellis.co.uk

Richard Ellis - practicalreiki.com


2nd APRIL our Ease-Ta Chi Time!

Ok, so its got an Eastery theme! Though not quite what you'd expect from songs about rabbits, birds, and loosely connected with eggs - The xx's! and chocolate (obviously)


Involving a well loved live band from Brighton THE MOULETTES, whom I saw supporting the crazy world of the old rocking shaman Arthur Brown and was mesmerised by the song I am playing you in this show. They are playing the CELLARS in SOUTHSEA on the 23rd April and continue their tour over to CHI-CHESTER on the 24th, BRIGHTON the 25th and POOLE on the 26th, the JOHN PEEL centre, STOWMARKETon the 27th and that's just April! They are on it this season and I believe they are appearing at several festivals in the summer , so see if you can catch them as they criss-cross the country to bring you their sonic synergy of theatrical, tuneful, heart lifting, playful melodies and rhythms to tap out your toes to and more, for a delighted night out :)

Check out more about them here;


Chatting us up a storm is JUDE SHAW on RAW FOOD TREATS and THERESA SUNDT on her LIFE in COLOUR.

Jude can be reached on this delicious site


And the truly colourful Theresa here



The 19th FEB Chi Time


Clara talks with guest Kimberley Lovell, holistic business alchemist, which includes a FREE offer of a 1:1 Discovery Session

ALSO a special backstage interview, all about how Mr. Bruce and Chucks create their irresistible song and dance vibe with...




If you are around the Poole area they can be enjoyed at

MR. KYPS on Saturday 2Oth APRIL - get on DOWN!


And LOADS more positive info from the South coast and around the world!


Music to line up;

THE REAL THING ~ Can you feel the force



BONOBO ~ Transmission 94



Kimberley Lovell, ~ kimberleylovell.com

The Correspondents ~ thecorrespondents.co.uk

Laughter Buddies ~ facebook.com/LaughterBuddies?fref=ts

Reiki-Richard Ellis ~ practicalreiki.com

Litre of light ~ aliteroflight.org

Positive News ~ positivenews.org.uk


Here's JANUARY'S New Year 2 hr extravaganza!

You can listen again here, oh yeah :)


PART ONE - Urban Ripples, Frolics in the Forest and Reiki Chi Kung!


CLARA talks to positive living group leader JACKIE DEAKIN about the URBAN RIPPLE in Bournemouth and her positive living group speakers.A message from BRETT MORAN on recognising who you really are...

Then, motivational speaker and passionately inspiring positive living lady SUE STONE shines a light on how you can turn your life around with a simple shift in thinking.

News in from the FROLICKING IN THE FOREST crew on their 'Bring a festival to your local' project.

RICHARD and CLARA talk about their recent joint venture REIKI CHI KUNG and we have tunes - sadly cropped due to licensing laws, but you could line them up on Spotify or similar;


DEEEELITE- Groove is in the heart

MUSE - Feeling Good

THE CORRESPONDENTS - What happened to Soho?



Jackie, Verwood PLG ~ jackiedeakin.co.uk

Urban Ripple ~ facebook.com/UrbanRipple?fref=ts

Brett ~ brett-moran.com

Sue ~ powerofpositiveliving.com / www.suestone.com

Frolicking in the Forest ~ facebook.com/pages/Frolicking-in-the-Forest/172624232880674?fref=ts

Jouis ~ jouis.bandcamp.com

Clara ~ newforestchikung.co.uk

Richard ~ practicalreiki.com

As the show was aired later than usual, Clara completes the Chi Time extravaganza with a serene meditation to soothe your weary mind and bones into a decent nights slumber, to awaken replenished 'In the morning', now there's a tune :)




17 December 7-8pm

'Winter Solstice Sound and Vision'

Clara chats with Colour Mirrors founder the inspirational Melissie Jolly about the healing power of colour and Richard has a phone call interview with the hugely talented Fionnuala Gill who sings and plays the harp, shining light on the healing qualities of sound and tells us her story about meeting the Dalai Lama.

Clara and Rich have some fun with some of the Five Element sounds and share some of the ideas that come through this.

Clara introduces Antonio Munoz from Spain, an incredible Tibetan singing bowl player who merges these sounds with melodic synthesisers - he was a DJ...

And there is new music from Brighton's finest Jouis and some thoughts on the Solstice from Amanda Ellis.


Thank you for listening, we hope you are entertained, informed and energised by Chi Time :)

Have a cool Yule and we'll see you in the very New Year


Here's the link to the show -




Melissie Jolly, Colour Mirrors - colourmirrors.com

Fionnuala Gill, harpist and singer - fionnualagill.com

Antonio Munoz, Tibetan Bowl player - antoniomunoz.bandpage.com

Jouis, Brighton band - jouis.bandcamp.com

Youtube link to She's on the Rise - youtube.com/watch?v=avhG_KCwkxE

Amanda Ellis - amandaellis.co.uk

Positive Living Groups - positivelivinggroups.org.uk

Richard Ellis - practicalreiki.com

Clara Apollo - newforestchikung.co.uk


Reiki Chi Kung weekend with Clara and Richard information can be found here - newforestchikung.co.uk/workshops.html#d


Chi up my friends!!


Monday 19 November 7-8pm

With special guest Barefoot Doctor

Clara chats with Positive Living Group leaders Jackie Deakin and Jude Shaw with Richard Ellis talking about the benefits of self hypnosis, on the loose theme of patterns. Clara caught up with the Barefoot Doctor, Stephen Russell in a hotel in Bournemouth just before his evening talk for the Positive Living group there.

Also including tunes to delight your ears, from the archives and the dance floor and with new music from reggae band Tread Ready, Clara will steer your Chi Time Show onwards!

Here's the link for this show;


And a list of links featured in this show

Jackie Deakin, Verwood PLG jackiedeakin.co.uk

Jude Shaw, Lymington PLG

Positive Living Groups positivelivinggroups.org.uk

Urban Ripple facebook.com/UrbanRipple?fref=ts

Richard Ellis hypnotherapy.dorset.com

Tread Ready myspace.com/treadready

Positive News positivenews.org.uk

Cygnus Review cygnus-books.co.uk

Barefoot Doctor barefootdoctorglobal.com



Positive Living Groups



Clara is a highly qualified and experienced Chi Kung/Qigong practitioner and teacher, based the New Forest.






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