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Sunset Drive-In Movie Nights

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Multiple dates from Monday, November 30th, -1 to Saturday, September 12th, 2020

Event Summary

Car entry time: Between 8pm-9pm, the screening time 9.00- 9.15pm

Cascades Shopping centre Car Park, Charlotte St, Portsmouth PO1 4RSThis location attached to Cascades Shopping Centre and the height restriction 6′ 6′(1,98m) No motorbikes and camper vans allowed.

Price: £20 per car (discount for NHS workers)

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Surprise Film 1: The Gentlemen (18) 120min
Production Year: 2019
Friday 31st July 2020
The Gentlemen is a 2019 action comedy film written, directed and produced by Guy Ritchie, from a story by Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies, and Ritchie

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (PG) 120min
Production Year: 1982
Saturday 1st August 2020
Steven Spielberg’s touching tale of a homesick alien remains a piece of movie magic for young and old.

Batman Returns (12 ) 120min
Production Year: 1992
Friday 7th August 2020
Director Tim Burton’s dark, brooding atmosphere, Michael Keaton’s work as the tormented hero, and the flawless casting of Danny DeVito as The Penguin.

Surprise Film 2 (15) 
Production Year: 1999
Saturday 8th August 2020 - 9pm
We didn’t sale enough tickets for Reservoir Dogs, sorry, we changed the film title. Instead, we will give you mind-blowing stunts and techno-slamming visuals. You will discover enough clues to find out for  this surprise film.

Rain Man (12) 128min
Production Year: 1992
Friday 14th August 2020
Barry Levinson’s direction is impressive, and strong performances from Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.

Superman 2 (PG) 120 min 🌈 FREE to NHS staff 💙
Production Year: 1991
Saturday 15th August 2020
The humor occasionally stumbles into slapstick territory, and the special effects are fun, with the big screen experience.

X-Men 1 (12) 104min
Production Year: 1996
Friday 21st August 2020
American superhero film directed by Bryan Singer and written by David Hayter from a story by Singer and Tom DeSanto.

The Fifith Element (12) 120min
Production Year: 1997
Saturday 22nd August 2020
Visually inventive and gleefully over the top, Luc Besson’s film is fantastic piece of pop sci-fi.

Mad Max: Fury Road (15) 120min
Production Year: 2015
Friday 28th August 2020
With exhilarating action and a surprising amount of narrative heft with apocalyptic action adventure

The Mask (PG) 130min
Production Year: 2000
Saturday 29th August 2020
It misses perhaps as often as it hits, but Jim Carrey’s manic and amazing bombast, Cameron Diaz’ blowsy will appeal us again.

Forrest Gump (12) 139min
Production Year: 1994
Friday 4th September 2020
Tom Hank’s film can be an overly sentimental, but its sweetness and charm are usually enough to see it’s true depth and grace.

Fight Club (18) 150min
Production Year: 1989
Saturday 5th September 2020
Solid acting, amazing direction, and elaborate production design make Fight Club a wild ride.

Doctor Strange (12) 115min
Production Year: 2016
Friday 11th September 2020

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (12) 150min
Production Year: 2006
Saturday 12th September 2020


All Social distance rules applies and PFS enforce more H&S instructions if it’s necessary.

For Sunset Outdoor/Drive-in screenings, in case of poor weather, the event will be rescheduled for the same location later on. Bookings cannot be changed within 48hrs of the screening start.

Drive-in Cinema Cov-19 rules for our audience:

  1. People must stay in their vehicles at all times, except to visit the rest room.
  2. One person in the rest room at a time, except an adult with child.
  3. Rest rooms will be cleaned after every visit. (Please follow government hand washing guidelines)
  4. Whilst moving around site please adhere to the 2m social distancing rule.
  5. We have a Management Plan, Costumer Journey  and Risk Assessment ready.
  6. We will validate tickets electronically through the car windows.
  7. Restrict the number of people per car will be limited to 3 persons (Unless COV-19 guidelines allow more.)


Cascades Shopping Centre
Commercial Road

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The event runs from 8:00pm to 11:00pm on the following dates.
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Saturday Sunny intervals High 30°C   Low 21°C
Sunday Sunny intervals High 27°C   Low 18°C

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