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2015 sees 'Miles Henson's Business Express' in its 6th year here on ExpressFM and if you've been with us from the start, a very big thank you!  If you have, then you will know that Business Express is not like other business shows.  First of all, it’s fast paced, energetic, informal, educational and sometimes even funny! (Well sometimes) We also get to mix it up with some great tunes each week.

Business Express aims to meet and talk to local business people about how they got started, what their dreams were, their motivation and what keeps them awake at night. Each week we talk about the challenges they face as a local business and of course the successes have they've had. We connect our listeners with great ideas, great thinking and let them know about the issues of the day.  We will even tell you about the local events you and your business should know about and attend.  

So, if you're in business or just starting out, we would love to have you on the show so you can tell us about your world. Why you do what you do and most importantly why you're so passionate about it. Come and tell us your stories, and most of all tell the world about you and your business. We will even let you pick a couple of songs!

If you would like to come on the show then you can email Miles at and we will get back to you about your radio appearance. You can call the studio on 023 9399 7722 or you can text on 81400 (remember to start your message with the word 'Express".) 

Alternatively contact Miles via on Twitter or just leave a post about the show.

My Twitter is @Mileshenson



Your Business Express Host: Miles Henson

Miles Henson lives in Whiteley in Hampshire and is Director, owner and one of the founding members of People Academy.  As well as presenting Business Express each week, he is also a fellow of Southampton Solent University working with 3rd year Students on communication in the workplace.

Miles’ professional career started with organisations such as Nat West, American Express and Friends Provident where he spent a number of years in Sales and National Sales Management related roles .He left ‘’Corporate life’’ to set up his own Learning and Development Business in 1994 where his focus was on using what he had learnt over those 15 years of working with people and the challenges this brought in large organisations.

Much of Miles‘time today is spent as a mentor to Executive teams or an Executive Consultant working with senior teams helping them manage and deliver people change and transformation. He also spends a lot of his time as a keynote speaker at major client conferences talking about communication, people and why we behave the way we do. He has worked is many cultures and 35 countries in the last 10 years.

His focus is helping UK and international organisations to engage with their people and develop their understanding of why people and customers need different things from each other. He achieves this through a wealth of design, delivery and facilitation experience. Miles has worked with many SME's and now works mainly in the large corporate world where his experience and knowledge of business makes him a must for clients and a great host for Business Express. His enthusiasm comes across for people and their business every week.

His focus today, as his own company reaches the 20 years mark, is to drive the business forward and ensure their clients continue to get the quality and forward thinking development their people need. He is working at the forefront of people development projects for the future and is engaged in creating technology that will meet the needs of future generations as the world of people development changes.Miles's current projects include working with the Head Coaches of the 48 sports in the USA Olympic team in the run up to 2016. This sees him spend time between the USA and the UK when he jets back in to host the show!